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Premium organic cheesecloth meets the highest kitchen standards. When using cheesecloth for straining you don’t have to worry about the left over chemicals leaching out of the cheese cloth and into your food, cooking or skin.

✅ 100% UNBLEACHED ORGANIC COTTON - Linen and Towel Premium organic cheese cloth meets the highest kitchen standards. This cheesecloth is made from 100% natural pure cotton, never been dyed or bleached. There is no color that will dye over the cheese, yogurt, turkey or any other foods.
✅ GRADE 90 CHEESECLOTH - Grade 90 is the highest grade and great quality in cheese cloth. More impurities will be filtered out. It is perfect for household cooking and chef's ingredients preparation because of its durability. This cheesecloth can be washed And reused, unlike other cheese cloth brands And substitutes which just for one-time use
✅ DIY CUTTING - This cheesecloth is 1 yard (36 in) wide and 2 yards (72 in) long with no pre-cut. Ready to be trimmed according to how much you need, to use as strainer, spice bag, bouquet or nut milk bag, And its washable And reusable.
✅ MANY HOUSEHOLD USES - Our cheesecloth can be used in a great number of different household and professional applications. Spice bags, canning, kombucha scoby, cheese, yoghurt and wine making, keeping chicken or fish intact when poaching, roasting turkey or chicken, squeezing citrus juice without seeds, fine surface polishing, staining, cleaning, dusting, Halloween decoration, ghost-making.
✅ 100% GUARANTEE: LITO Linen and Towel brand strives to provide you complete satisfaction and confidence in all their products. These Products are perfect for gifting to your friends and loved ones as well as a housewarming gift, party gift. We thank you for choosing our brand and we also hope you enjoy many years of comfort with us with every purchase that you make. You can easily use these products again and again and save money as they made in a way that saves money

100% Organic Cotton
4 Yard-36"x72"
0.17 LB Each

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